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Kasese Cobalt company Ltd. (KCCL) was formed in 1992 as a corporate entity with the government of Uganda to recover cobalt metal from an  unstable stockpile of a cobalt-rich sulphide concentrate (pyrite). It is located near Kasese town(30E,00"17N), 420 km west of Kampala, Uganda along the Kasese-Mbarara road.

The projectís cost  was US$153 million making it the largest foreign investment in Uganda. It has also attracted grants from international government agencies for environmental projects, health centres, roads, bridges and other community projects

The project will process  cobalt from existing cobalt-rich pyrite stockpiles at Kasese. Cobalt is extracted using a bioleaching process that is unique to the KCCL operation, the only cobalt bioleach operation in the world. The project is having an extremely positive impact in the surrounding area  and eco systems by removing the threat of acid water runoff and contamination of  Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park

KCCL, in co-operation with the Ugandan government, regional and local stake holders, is a leading company in setting  standards in corporate social responsibility, Human Resources management,  safe efficient operations  and  contributes to the uplifting of  social and economic conditions in Kasese and surrounding areas.


KCCL is located in the outskirts of Kasese town in Kasese District of western Uganda.  Kasese a small town  with a population  of about  30,000. The town is situated on the eastern foothills of the Rwenzori mountains overlooking the  great  Rift Valley.

Kasese's Location in Uganda  


Uganda lies on the Equator, in East Africa. It shares borders with Kenya to the East, Tanzania and Rwanda to the South, The Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) to the West and Sudan to the North.

Operational Areas

KCCL has three  operational Areas:

Cobalt processing plant

The plant was commissioned on the 29th September 2000 by His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda. Production of cobalt started in July 1999. At full capacity, KCCL is expected to produce 720 tonnes per annum of crushed cobalt cathode averaging 99.9%  purity for the remaining life of the project.

KCCL Plant

Mubuku III Hydropower Station

Power is supplied from this specially constructed 9.9MW hydroelectric power plant in the nearby Mubuku valley. Excess power generated is utilized by the national grid.

Mubuku Generators

Hima Limestone Quarry

Hima limestone quarry is situated 20 kms North of Kasese on the main Kasese-Fort Portal  road. Limestone blasted and primary crushed at the quarry , is  added to the process to control pH's and  precipitate dissolved iron.

Hima Limestone Quarry


The team working at KCCL is multinational. KCCL employs national workers, as well as expatriate staff, and several contractors. 98% of the staff are Ugandans. Local contractors also benefit by providing services.

Management Team

Pradeep Gupta, General Manager
Mr.Pradeep Gupta
General Manager
Gadi Musasizi, Operations Manager HPP
Mr.Gadi Musasizi
Operations Manager HPP
Moses Mugabi, Operations Manager Process Plant
Mr.Moses Mugabi
Operations Manager Process Plant


The Management of Kasese Cobalt Company Ltd. recognizes and accepts its obligation to ensure that employees on site undergo the necessary development processes enabling them to effectively perform tasks to maximum potential. The company believes that acquisition of appropriate skills is integral in achieving company goals and targets. It also enhances cohesion among the staff thus maintaining teamwork.

A training center exists within the company, 1 Km away from the main Administration office to provide staff with an adequate and conducive training environment. The center has offices, 2 lecture rooms with a capacity of 55 students each, and 2 outdoor training venues. A book store has been set up within the center stocked with literature and other information relevant for staff development. The company supports the following forms of training; On job training; In house training (Facilitated by key company personnel and external consultants); External training (Facilitated by non- company personnel); On line and distance education. (As a case by case); Others (As deemed appropriate by Management) trainings are also provided to secondary & tertiary institutions.

Reference Materials

The training centre maintains a collection of training handouts both on hard copy & soft Copy, books, videos and news letters articles, museum & Photo gallery(insert in the policy for the museum) which is access able 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) by staff & 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) for external people but on request.

Traineee Placement Programs

KCCL has in the past facilitated industrial training placement of various students from Universities and tertiary institutions in various disciplines for a period of not exceeding 3 months as required by their training program. A follow up of the students who have undergone this training and experience at KCCL has indicated that the training has been beneficial. A trainee placement program is in place to enable these students achieve the desired experience.

Museum, Photo Gallery & Internet Cafe

The KCCL History takes us back to the 1990s when the idea of the plant was birthed. Since then a lot has taken place through the construction, commission and production phases of the plant. With ongoing developments, some of this important history can easily be forgetting denying the present an impression of the past and thereby appreciation of the journey taken as the plant to its present day operation. The Museum and phot gallery gives staff, their dependants and visitors an opportunity to review our past through an interesting and entertaining method of presentation The internet cafť enables staff access the internet at their time of convenience for various reasons ranging from communication, to acquiring more knowledge.

Plant Study Tours

KCCL is committed to continuous dissemination of information to students and academic groups in order for them to fulfill academic Endeavourís. The community is one of KCCLís greatest assets and training students is crucial to KCCL`s goal of extending social benefits to its community. The KCCL training centre has provided training to students both at secondary and tertiary levels of education with a bias to areas of Geography, Environment, Chemistry tour training. Study tours have also benefited non Ė students including community leaders and other people in the society.



Since 1999, KCCL has won a number of awards which are indicative of it's position as an asset to the Ugandan economy and a responsible employer:


    Employer of the year - Employer of the year Award 2008


    URA vantage award 2006 - URA vantage award 2006
    Presidental export award 2006 - Presidental export award 2006
    Employer of the year award 2006 - Employer of the year award 2006
    ost Compliant Water Permit Holder - Most Compliant Water Permit Holder For year 2006


    URA Exemplary Tax Compliance award - URA Exemplary Tax Compliance award


    Employer of the year, Silver award - Employer of the year, silver award


    Elly Africa Tibakanya environmental award - Elly Africa Tibakanya environmental award
    Employer of the year, Gold award - Employer of the year, Gold award


    Employer of the year Silver Award - Employer of the year Silver Award
    Presidentís Export, Gold Award - Presidentís Export, Gold Award
    Newmont Australia Health and Safety Excellence, Gold Award - Newmont Australia Mining Health and Safety Excellence Gold Award
    Newmont  Communications Gold Award - Newmont Communications Gold Award


    Employer of the year, Silver Award - Employer of the year, Silver Award


    Investor of the year, Gold Award - Investor of the year, Gold Award
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